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Magical Mentorship

It has been my Life's purpose to be a Spiritual guide, Shamanic healer and nurturer. My experience as a Cosmetologist is really are paying off now more than I ever thought. Being able to assist you in this Ascension journey, on your path of Initiation of Soul Embodiment.


Magical mentorship is a personalized 1 on 1 coaching experience for your unique desires, life's purpose, and healing.

We begin with preparing you to heal & embody your inner Priestess. We journey deep into your unknown, bringing up ALL the Sensual raw  suppressed emotions, to reconnect you with your Wild Woman Authenticity and true self authority.


Each session Deeping personal Power, Self reliance, source self awareness and sacred sensual connectivity. Aligning you to your most evolved self in all unfolding timelines. 


Next focuses on the Divine Leadership Path using the Intellectual higher mental planes & awareness of the subtle bodies. Magnetize your desired results as a courageous and emotionally aware being, you have the ability to direct your life with creative inspiration and enjoy living your magical life. 


If you are ready to let go of the false self, personality ego driven self and step fully into your Soul Source Goddess Essence, to be the being of Cosmic Light that you were born to be, then this is the path & Magical Mentorship for you. 


I will be here with you for support in all tough loving and nurturing ways. I know this path well, for I have walked it, and am here to assist you in walking through these purifying rapids.  


As a personal client we will cultivate a safe, loving, nurturing & intimate connection. We will create personalized lifestyle recommendations, guidance through all your unraveling, private access days to me via Signal, self study guides, creative projects, and more that we will go over in our consultation

The mentorship is an 8 week Commitment with 10 total sessions to assist in the full awakening, healing and integration of your Soul Self Authentic Expression.

Are you Ready for this... I am here for you when you are! 


What Clients are Saying

KerriAnn is a powerhouse. She goes right to the core, and she knows intuitively what to say to activate you. A week ago, it felt like I made a ‘quantum jump’. It really feels like I’m living in a total new reality at this moment.
In our session, she mentioned my deep fear of death, and this is something I released the week after. I felt this fear in my whole body, and now I feel free of it. Besides that, I feel more embodied than ever. Literally, as if I have landed on earth for the first time! This sense of peace and joy… never felt this before. As if I’m connected again with my own multidimensional parts.. I feel so happy with how things are at this moment. Besides that, it feels as if our session just gave me the last ‘boost’ to move forward. Now I feel more embodied than ever, it feels I can dive a bit deeper into my own intuition/Source connection. Now I have the foundation in myself that will help me move forward. Thank you so much!

Demi M. 

Payment Plan Options Available 

If you feel this is a full body Fuck Yes, then Fill out the Simple info below and let's book your Consultation and Get you on your Magical Way! 

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