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Quirky Cosmo Membership

Every Wednesday at 13:00 EST, you’ll learn how to synthesize gene keys through the esoteric path of spiritual initiation. 

These are the regular must-do practices for your Genetic Synthetics to release all that guilt and shame from the outside world. 


And at the same time, we will embody the higher frequencies of our solar system, inside our Planetary Personal Initiation. 

Also, keep in mind that this is the only proven type of higher awareness in the real-time progress of our planetary bodies following True Sidereal Astrology.

Not only do you engage with the like-minded during our calls...


But together, we immerse you in an intimate, calm, and peaceful experience. 

So, if you are ready to level up your spiritual rite of passage into your divine cosmic self,

Choose one of 3 tiers to start weaving your Genetic Synthesis today. 

  • VIP 1 beginners

    Free Plan
    • Astrokey Synthesis
  • VIP 2 advanced

    Every month
    • Astrokey Synthesis
    • Astrokey Synthesis Live Calls
    • Astrokey Replays
    • Access To Replay Classes Uploaded To Tier 2 From 2023
    • Video Tutorials & Lessons
    • Digital Downloads
    • Complete Post Archive
  • VIP 3 mastery

    Every month
    • 8 Personal training sessions
    • 4 Classes
    • Open studio access
    • 1 Guest pass
    • Free WiFi
    • Weekly newsletter
    • Online resources
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What Clients Are Saying

“To get to work with Kerri Ann is to be ready to walk into a space you didn't even know you needed and surely didn't know you had in you already.


What I love most is the simplicity with which she can break down incredibly complex truths without dumbing anything down. 


Working, learning and healing with Kerri Ann has enriched my life immensely. The wisdom, truths and knowing...YES! but the realness, humanity, divinity and absolute love she wraps in her no bs vibe is everything!


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