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About Me

Well hello and how nice of you to want to get to know a little more about little ole me. Let me start by saying that I consider myself a LIFE LONG STUDENT of well LIFE, haha. With that being said, I have come a long way in my journey of awakening in a very short amount of time. Within that time I have studied many teachings, found the depths of them, lost myself in the conviction and devotion to their higher purpose and turned around and used what I found to be helpful, tried and true to the overall genetic evolution. 

My favorites are the Mystic teachings and Esoterics. I am big into finding what is practical and efficient for the individual and the group. I enjoy in person education platforms, movement exercises such as Kai and Ecstatic dance. Music is my medicine, as it is the rhythm of life and the breath of the universe moving through our ethers. 

Life has a tendency to be complex and I try my best to bring forth intuitive palatable information, innerstanding's and ways about healing our DNA. The mind can either be a weapon of war or a powerful tool, it is about how we wield it. 

Being that every thing is already done, and all that ever will be is created, spoken and known, I am not here to be of anything new, but a inner-genetic messenger and electromagnetic guide of what you already are, know and do. So in reality I choose to play along with the divine story that life lays in front of me daily. My work is to play and my Legacy is not my work, but a byproduct of what I can do with my time while I play. My life teachers are my children and the many great Mystics, poets, authors, friends, foe's and healers that I have crossed paths with.

What I have found is that my being is enough, and trusting that and what I am in every moment is exactly what, where and who I am supposed to be, always. That is how I play in this reality, co-creating with the divine in you and me, we.




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My Philosophy

Life is a dance and the Rhythm you follow is the beat of your heart. Either it is open and flowing with good toons or it is closed and scratching the vinyl. Both are perfect, just one plays on to the next track, while the other sits and repeats. I choose to flow with the music of life and allow it to lead me. The truth is even the sad songs feel good when they hit your heart. Those are the tears that remind you how deep you have loved, and never lost, but loved without bounds. A rhythm all of your own. A beat to a different drum. In the end they are all about LOVE.