Quirky Cosmo

Multi-Dimensional Celestial Healer

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Meet KerriAnn

A little Quirky with a Dash of the Cosmos and you got this Divine Cosmic Light, KerriAnn aka the Quirky Cosmo.

 I'm here living my journey one day at a time, assisting fellow soul family along the way with practical tools and a light sense of humor.

As a Multi-Dimensional Celestial Healer it is my calling to work as an Inner-genetic Alchemist. 

Utilizing & synthesizing the Gene Keys, Esoteric & Quantum Astrology, Human Design, Intuition, Claircognizant, Clairsentience, Cellular Telepathy and Celestial Sound Alchemy.

 I welcome soul family into my fields to expand their DNA frequencies, Heal Karmic Mental patterns and give people the emotional support and tools to become their own inner-genetic healer.

We didn't come here alone. We came here together.

Heart in Hand, we unify in our divine cosmic lights.


Quirky Cosmo

My Specializations

Looking to find the Keys to unlock your Divine Cosmic BluePrint? Do you want a Coach to walk you through the process of Unbecoming? Are you struggling with energy blocks in your aura or physical body? Maybe you just have a few life questions to ask.

Either way, I've got all your metaphysical and physical bases covered.

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Cosmic Blue Prints

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Quirky's Quicky

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Personal Life & Ascension


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Celestial Sound Alchemy Healing

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Quantum Connection

(synergy chart reading)

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Cosmic Transits


What Clients Are Saying

"Quirky's ability to break down complex information, to relate this information to life, and to speak effortlessly and articulately about it is a True gift. Her teacher/mentor/sister vibe is Authentic and she is Raw and Real. She speaks from the Heart and wants Everyone to know that We are all One, we have everything we need within, and to be in flow is the key to ease, grace and joy in your life.  If you want to learn the essence of You and have a desire to learn about your gene keys and everything else associated with your unconscious and conscious being, Quirky will give you information that flows from her core to yours. She has helped me through this challenging time by tuning me in to myself. I highly recommend her services."

Dr. Stephanie Saito Tyson

Director, Synergy1 Wellness

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.