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Splendid Tier

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Join the Synarchy Hub 144 In this Tier we meet weekly for the AstroKey Synthesis. Where I host a LIVE ZOOM call every Wednesday at 13:00 EST, to weave the Genetic Synthesis of our Planetary and Personal Initiation of embodying the higher frequencies of our solar system. Here you will learn how to synthesize the gene keys with the esoteric path of spiritual initiation. There is no one else in the world providing this type of higher awareness in the reel time progress of our planetary bodies in accordance to True Sidereal Astrology. This is an absolute intimate experience, with the opportunity to engage during the call. Join the synthesis if you are truly ready to up level in your spiritual rite of passage into your divine cosmic self. Replays are always available if you are unable to make the LIVE. TIER 3 gets access to: ASTROKEY SYSNTHESIS LIVE ZOOM CALLS ASTROKEY SYSNTHESIS REPLAYS ALL TEACHINGS FROM 2023 & WORKSHOPS THAT I WILL BRING FORWARD IN 2024 DONTATION OF $77 THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY MINISTRIES AND ASSISTING IN THE COLLECTIVE SYNARCHY & SYNTHESIS

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Splendid Tier, $77.00/month

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Splendid Tier

Splendid Tier

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